Wisdom Robot

The Only All-in-One System
You Need To Turn Your
Knowledge, Experience and Advice
Into Multiple, Passive Income Streams

So… What is Holding You Back From Maximizing Your Impact on The World?

The problem holding most people back is…

They don’t harness the power of multiple message delivery channels, and multiple income streams.

The reason why unfortunately, is because (until now) there hasn’t been an all-in-one, content delivery, ecommerce and profit maximization platform.

If you’re like most people you’re probably using multiple systems, platforms, plugins and services to TRY and monetize your message.

As you may have discovered… This “typical” patched-together, hodgepodge of 3rd party apps and bandaids is no way to grow your business.

To Make Matters Worse…

The lifeblood of any online business is your “conversion rate.”

Your “conversion rate” is simply the ratio between your visitors and your buyers.

If you have 100 visitors, and 1 person buys, you have a 1% conversion rate.

Unfortunately, when you are dependent on multiple shopping carts, payment gateways, membership plugins, email services or content delivery systems, it’s nearly impossible to achieve maximum conversion rates.

This is because virtually no existing solution is designed with conversion rate optimization at it’s core.

Until now…

Introducing Wisdom Robot!
Wisdom Robot

The first and ONLY, all-in-one, Profit Maximization Platform designed from the ground up for maximum conversion.

Designed as an Enterprise level system – perfected over 15 years for elite private clients, no expense has been spared!

In fact… In just the last 12 months, we’ve invested over $74,000 hiring the world’s top conversion rate optimization experts to guarantee Wisdom Robot is the highest converting platform available anywhere, at any price!

How can we guarantee this? Because, every aspect of the system is based on the scientific results of over 10,000 split and multivariate tests.

So, What Will Wisdom Robot Do For Me and My Business?

Wisdom Robot will help you earn more money, with less time and effort in 4 important ways…

A Complete System

Wisdom Robot gives you everything you need to make more money online, in one, easy to use platform.

Outsource Your IT

Stop worrying about and dealing with technology. Do what you do best; let us do the rest.

Grow Your Reach

Increase your traffic and visibility. Search engines and social media sites love Wisdom Robot.

Maximize Sales

Maximize your earning potential with increased order size, reorders and conversion rate.

First… Wisdom Robot is a Complete, Stand-Alone Solution

  • Are you tired of the confusion, hassle and chaos of juggling multiple, incompatible 3rd party systems?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the dizzying array of options, plugins and apps required to try and run your business online?
  • Do you feel trapped in a vicious cycle, knowing you need to create more products and offers, but can never find the time?

If you said yes to ANY of those questions then here’s some great news!

Wisdom Robot gives you everything you need to make more money online, in one, easy to use platform.

You can get started in no time!

A Complete, Stand-Alone System

Sell Digital Products

We live in a digital world. Creating digital products (eBooks, PDFs, Videos, Audio) is one of the fastest and easiest ways to add additional income streams to your business.

Instant Downloads

Allow your customers to satisfy their need for instant gratification by giving them quick and easy access to download your content.

Streaming Videos

Keep your buyers on your site, and protect your content from illegal sharing by streaming your most valuable videos.

Online Courses

Command premium prices when you package your content into multi-module courses. Deliver them on YOUR schedule.
Sell Digital Products
Learn more about selling digital products
  • Drag and Drop Video Editing: Avoid the hassle of producing and editing long videos – simply record short segments and rearrange them on-the-fly in our system.
  • Video Hosting: Stream from our lighting-fast, ultra-secure video servers (provided in partnership with Amazon.com) or re-use videos already on YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Time-Released Content: Offer full courses with time-released content.
  • Unlimited Content: Upload as many downloads and videos as you want.

You may have been misled into thinking otherwise, but it takes very little content to…

Generate Recurring Revenue with Memberships

You’re already producing content. Why not make the most of it (and from it) by starting a Membership Program? Instead of having to constantly bring in new customers, keep your existing customers coming back (and sending money) every month.

Reuse Existing Content

Reuse your existing downloads and videos to build your membership library.

Income Autopilot

Make money every month without lifting a finger.

Offer Trials and Discounts

Sign up more people by offering free trials, discounts and levels for every budget.
Learn more about memberships
  • Modular, Time-Released Content: Get started immediately! Just upload your first video or download. Everyone starts at the same place, so you only need to keep up with your initial members.
  • Multiple Membership Levels: Sign up more people by offering levels for every budget.
  • Multiple Prices per Level: Increase your up-front profit, and get them involved for the long term, by offering price discounts for longer-term commitments
  • Secure Resource Pages: Avoid stale content by adding links and time-sensitive materials on secure, members-only web pages that can be updated in seconds. If you want to make even more on the back end, use affiliate program links when available.
  • Price / Comparison Table: Create your pricing table by simply adding a list of features for each level.
  • Multiple Payment Frequencies: Choose monthly, quarterly or annual payments, with multiple options per subscription level.
  • Automatic “Savings” Display: Persuade customers to lock in for longer periods with an automated display of how much (money and percent) they save by committing for longer terms
  • Full Member History Tracking: Track payments, membership level changes, cancellations and re-subscriptions by member.
  • Membership Upgrade / Downgrade: Allow members to change their level at any time, without ever needing to contact you.
  • Member-initiated Cancellation: Build confidence by making sure your members know they can cancel at any time.
  • Complimentary Memberships: Offer free memberships to market influencers, partners and friends.
  • “Featured” Level: Emphasize your “best value” membership level by checking a box; the Wisdom Robot system takes care of the layout for you.
  • Custom Welcome Emails: Deliver custom “welcome” emails for every membership level; auto-delivered upon sign up.
  • Sign Up URL: Sell memberships from other sites, email blasts or social media with a custom (and SEO-friendly) sign up URL for each membership level.

Now let’s talk about your books and DVDs.

Sell Physical Products

While everyone is moving their content online, many of our customers have warehouses (or garages) full of books, DVDs and CDs. Many online systems are focused entirely on digital products. Why not make money selling off inventory while you continue to build your digital catalog?

Digital Samples

Give your customers instant access to digital samples of the physical products being shipped.

Automated Notifications

Sell re-stocked and updated items easily with customer opt-in product update notifications.

"Only X Left"

Drive sales using scarcity by alerting customers when you have low stock.
Shipping Services
Learn more about selling physical products
  • Multiple, Detailed Photos: Entice buyers by providing multiple photos of your products, each with a high-resolution copy so they can see the details.
  • Product Options: Offer multiple versions of the same product (size, color, etc.), with different prices for each option.
  • Fulfillment Notification: Alert your fulfillment service (even if that’s just you) every time an order is placed.
  • Multiple Shipping Options: Select the companies and services you want to offer.
  • Inventory Tracking: Make sure you never sell an item that’s out of stock.
  • Low-Stock Notifications: Avoid running out of stock with automatic low stock emails.
  • Automatic Postage Lookup: Provide the most accurate shipping prices available.
  • Select Delivery Services and Times: Provide the most accurate shipping prices available (Priority, Express / Next Day, Ground / Standard, etc.).
  • Country Selection: Decide which countries you will, and won’t, ship to.
  • Flat Rate Envelope Option: Offer even more competitive prices by enabling USPS Flat Rate Envelope rates for orders under a certain weight.
  • Table Rate Option: Simplify shipping to certain areas by offering a table rate lookup based on price or weight, and destination.
  • Handling Charge: Cover the cost of your fulfillment time by adding a handling charge to every order.
  • Tare Weight: Add a tare weight (the average weight of the box and packing materials) to each order.
  • Tax Collection: Automatically collect sales tax for physical products shipped within your state.
  • Tax and Revenue Report: Stay out of trouble with the IRS with automatic tax collection and a monthly tax and revenue report, which makes filling in your monthly tax statement a breeze.

When you fully understand how valuable your time and experience is, it’s time to…

Offer High-Ticket Coaching

We all have “down time,” either when we’re traveling or at home. Why not spend that time making big money.


Collect payment before the appointment is confirmed.

Optional Approval

Accept only the appointments you want by requiring approval before confirmation.

Unlimited Service Options

Capture more clients by offering several options for time, price and type of consultation.
Learn more about coaching
  • Public Appointment Calendar: Optimize your time by filling out your consulting schedule long in advance.
  • Recurring Dates: Save time filling up your calendar by setting up repeating appointments with only a few extra clicks.
  • Notification Emails: Get notified whenever someone requests or signs up for an appointment. You can even have different notification emails for different services.
  • Easy Acceptance / Rejection: Just click the link in the email to accept or reject an appointment.
  • Customer Instruction Email: Provide pre-appointment instructions to your clients. This can be anything from technical information (phone numbers, Skype names, etc.) to “homework” you want them to do before the meeting.
  • Visual Calendar: View and manage all of your appointments from a weekly calendar layout.
  • Visual Tracking: Get a snapshot of your week in a glance. Each appointment status (open, requiring confirmation, waiting for payment, confirmed) shows up as a different color on your calendar.
  • Automated Client Emails: Your clients get notified via email any time anything changes with their appointment.
  • Free Consultations: Offer free consulting spots for sales or support calls.
  • Calendar Sync: Add appointments to your calendar software.

Can you relate to the physical and mental pain you have caused yourself by carting product around to engagements and events?

Sell Digital Products at Live Events

“Once I organized my sales around the Wisdom Robot Master Key, everything changed for me: I sold more material and with much less hassle — since there was so much less to carry with me. This is really wonderful!”
E. Burger

Author, Performer and Coach

What’s a Master Key?

Simple Answer: It’s a piece of paper.

Life-Changing Answer: It’s your path to freedom from sore muscles and the stress of lugging or shipping your books and DVDs around to conferences and speaking engagements.


One Piece of Paper

Replace an entire stack of books and DVDs. Print them at home or at a hotel Business Center.

Secure Your Digital Content

Each code is unique and, once registered, cannot be registered by anyone else.

One-Click Creation

Create more Master Keys in seconds anywhere, any time.
“The Master Key has forever changed the way I sell products. It is by far the easiest way to transport and sell my back-of-the-room sales items. Buyers love the accessibility and convenience of having the information hosted online… there are no DVDs or books to ship, pack or transport. In short this system is a dream come true for anyone looking for a better way to deliver content to their customers.”
J. McBride

Speaker, Performer, Coach and Author

Learn more about Master Keys

Master Keys are a Wisdom Robot proprietary technology that allow you to sell your digital products in the real world. Creating one is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Create and upload a one-page document template explaining what’s in the bundle.
  2. Select a combination of digital products already in the Wisdom Robot system (or add new ones).
  3. Tell the system how many you want and it’ll produce a PDF document that can be printed anywhere
  • Simple Templates: Create a template using your existing sales sheet, or create one from scratch.
  • Unlimited Versions: Sell to everyone in the room by offering multiple packages with different prices and content.
  • One-Click Creation: Create more Master Keys in seconds anywhere, any time.
  • Reuse Your Existing Content: Build each Master Key from existing media you’ve already added to your Wisdom Robot system.
  • Simple Image Templates: Add new templates in no time using your favorite layout program. Just export it to a JPEG image and upload the file.
  • Any Size Template: The system automatically determines the intended paper size and orientation (portrait, landscape, bi-fold, etc.)
  • Custom Code Placement: Define where the code is supposed to go with our easy-to-use placement tool.
  • Short Codes: Avoid annoying your customers with unnecessarily long or complex codes to enter.
  • Unlimited Access: Assure your buyers they’ll be able to access their content at any time without having to re-enter their code every time.
  • Transfer Keys: Reassign a Master Key to a new user, whenever necessary.
  • Keep Track: View all of the keys that have been registered, as well as the ones that are still available (even if they’ve been purchased).
Put yourself in this picture…

Case Study: Continual Growth by Re-purposing Your Content

One of our oldest customers has written over 100 books and produced several dozen audio programs and DVDs on subjects such as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), suggestion, persuasion and public speaking. He has been selling online, using custom versions of the Wisdom Robot system since the 1990s.

He began as everyone did back then: by selling his books and audio programs (on cassette tape) and mailing the goods to customers worldwide. He quickly converted the cassette tapes to CDs to save on storage space and shipping.

In the early 2000s, he started converting his books to PDF format and selling them as downloads. Keep in mind he wasn’t writing anything new at this point… just converting the original Word documents to PDF.

As more people started shifting to MP3 audio, he ripped the CDs and started placing them online as downloads. This was the exact same content in a new format.

Around the same time, he found a local videographer to shoot and edit video at a reasonable price. So he chose items from the books and audio programs he felt could be taught as well (or even better) on video. He was eventually able to produce two new DVDs every month… and sell them to many people who had already purchased the material in book and/or audio format. It also increased his new customer base by offering products that were better for “visual learners.”

As soon as the early adopters stared watching streaming video, he took the original footage, converted it to web-ready format, and started selling the DVD content in a streaming format. In fact, he ended up making even more money by splitting up longer DVD programs into topic segments (sold separately).

By the time 2014 rolled around, his material had received enough recognition that he decided to start a membership program. Again, the core of the content was based on his original work. Now he could split it up even more and have members focused on one topic each month. Again, he was able to re-sell to the same customers (and many new ones), simply by providing some additional in-depth content on each topic… typically in the form of a simple interview.

Most recently, he has taken his marketing efforts to a whole new level by starting an Affiliate Program and allowing others to sell his material at their live events using custom-made Master Keys (which they buy from him at wholesale).

The last time we checked, he was on permanent vacation and only checking email once or twice a week.

Because Wisdom Robot eliminates your dependence on multiple, costly, confusing (and often buggy and insecure) plugins and 3rd party services, that means you can…

Outsource Your IT Department!

Do what you do best; let us do the rest.

  • Do you want to spend more time with your family and friends?
  • Would your time be better used creating more content?
  • How would it feel if everything just worked?

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to work all day and not accomplish anything of importance?

Automate Your Recurring Tasks

How much time are you spending every day performing mundane, recurring tasks that could (and should) be handled faster and easier by a computer? STOP IT! Let Wisdom Robot automate all of those manual tasks for you.

Recurring Revenue

Watch your bank balance increase constantly with automated membership payments.

Scheduled Content

Deliver content to customers on a pre-determined schedule, with no additional work from you.

Customer Notifications

Alert customers automatically when you add new products or content to existing products.
Learn more about automating your recurring tasks
  • Consulting Calendar: Fill up your consulting schedule long in advance.
  • Randomized Content: Provide a constant stream of new content for the search engines with random product listings and testimonials on each page (of your choice).
  • Automated Product Listings: Increase order size using automated listings for “Also Purchased,” “Best Sellers” and “New Products.”
  • Auto-generated Email: Let the system handle your email communications.
  • Order Notification: Receive immediate order email notifications (to your or your fulfillment house).
  • Expiration Dates: Stop worrying about deadlines by setting up expiration dates on Sale Prices and Featured Products.
  • Customer Notifications: Alert customers automatically when you add or change content for digital products they already own.
  • Review Approval: Avoid wasting time moderating reviews with (optional) immediate approval.
  • Stock Tracking: Ensure your inventory is correct with automatic stock tracking.
  • Tax Collection: Avoid problems with the IRS by relying on automatic sales tax collection.

Can you imagine that?

Simplify Your Work

We all deal with the frustration of complicated computer software every day. Who says it should be this way? Typically programmers never have to use the system. Whether it’s helping our customers, or using the system for ourselves, we’re constantly improving the user interface to make simpler to understand and use.


7 Simple Settings

Forget ugly and confusing templates! Style your entire site with just 7 color settings and a logo.

Drag & Drop

Tired of confusing interfaces with too many buttons? Just drag & drop to design your pages.

Integrate Seamlessly

We’ll integrate directly with your email list, payment modules and fulfillment house.
Learn more about simplifying your work
  • Add-to-Cart Link: Share “Add to Cart” links anywhere (email, blog, social media).
  • Manual Order Creation: Close even more sales by letting your team take phone orders. They can enter all of the customer information, and create accounts for them, all in one step.
  • Shipping Price Lookup: Ensure your shipping charges are correct, and competitive, with automatic price lookup at USPS, UPS and FedEx.
  • Resource Pages: Avoid updating downloads and videos when links change by utilizing Resource Pages.
  • Administrative Dashboard: Stay on top of your business in seconds with the administrative dashboard showing important tasks and sales charts.
  • Home Page Management: Create your optimal home page with drag-and-drop widgets.
  • Sidebar Management: Interact more with custom sidebars. You decide which pages display each sidebar and the order in which they appear.
  • Menu Management: Direct your customers by building your own menu system.
  • Reports & Graphs: Stay on top of every aspect of your business.
  • Site Settings: Configure everything with our extensive, easy-to-understand, Settings system
  • Product Options: Sell multiple versions of the same product with Product Options (color, size, etc.), each with a specific price (if needed)
  • Affiliate Linking: Make it easy for your affiliates to link to your products by providing their affiliate link on every page
  • Affiliate Signup: Build your marketing team quickly by letting affiliates sign themselves up; your only task is to approve them
  • Manual Order Entry: Take orders via phone or in person with the built-in administrator order taking process
  • One-Click Shipping: Mark all of your orders shipped, and send emails to the customers, with one click
  • Country Selection: Decide which countries you’re willing to sell and ship to
  • Currency Selection: Select your currency (USD, Euro, British Pound)
  • Tare Weight: Always cover the weight of you packaging with a standard tare weight added to every package

But wait, there’s more! (actually less… for you to do)

Eliminate Unnecessary Tasks

You should be spending time doing what you do best. Let Wisdom Robot take over the tasks you shouldn’t need to do.

One-Click Payments

Pay all of your Affiliates and Shareholders in seconds… any time you want and however often you want.

Photo Sizing

Just upload your best quality version and the Wisdom Robot takes care of creating and displaying the optimal sizes for all devices.

Customer Remiders

Don’t worry… the system will automatically notify customers whenever there’s something new to see (or buy!).
Learn more about eliminating unnecessary tasks
  • Multiple Administrative Accounts: Setup multiple admin accounts, each with its own login.
  • Specialized Roles: Assign roles, responsibilities and access to each of your admins. They only see what they need to to do their job.
  • Inventory Tracking: Never worry about selling something that’s out of stock.
  • Cross Selling and Up-selling: Select products for cross sells and up-sells without having to enter the links manually.
  • Low Stock Notification: Avoid having to constantly check online inventory with automated low stock notifications.
  • Stock Pull Report: Get a list of all the stock you need to fulfill orders, with a single click.
  • Calendar Synchronization: Sync your consultation schedule with your private calendar.
  • Handling Charges: Cover your costs for fulfillment with a handling charge.
  • Website Policy Templates: Reuse, and customize, our included website policies, terms and conditions.

By now you’re probably wondering how you can make all this happen…

Get Setup Quickly and Easily

While the Wisdom Robot system can do an amazing number of things, the setup is quick and painless. Work on only the pieces that are relevant to your business at any time and don’t be bothered with the rest (until you’re ready).

Getting Started Course

Watch just one (short) video a day, for seven days, and you’ll be ready to launch in a week (or less).

Beginner Mode

Avoid information overload by hiding many of the advanced features you won’t need until later.

Import Existing Data

Get started even faster by importing existing product product information from your current system.
Learn more about getting setup quicky and easily
  • 7 Simple Steps: Get started by simply filling out 7 pieces of information about your business.
  • Shipping Setup: Setup your shipping options by entering only a few pieces of information.
  • Payment Setup: Start accepting orders by simply turning on the payment modules you need.
  • Accept Credit Cards: Need a merchant account and payment processor? We’ve partnered with a company who can have you setup in no time and offer some of the best rates out there.
  • Manage Everything: Make changes easily and quickly with our user friendly administration system.
  • Intuitive Navigation: Navigate quickly with our intuitive menu system.
  • Product Listing Layout: Choose whether to display your products in a more graphical, or text-based format, with the click of a button (you can even change it by category, if you want).

Also, please understand that you’re never alone.

Stellar Support

“I have been working with the Wisdom Robot team for over 12 years, and they continue to impress me all the time. They are exceptionally professional and if they say they will ‘take care of it’ — it gets done! They are incredibly creative and when I contact them with some crazy idea, they not only listen, they usually have some great ideas of their own to add. Best of all… they rarely laugh at me!”
B. Schor

Online retailer since 2003 with over 5,000 products

Tutorial Videos

Watch our growing library of tutorial videos that teach you how to get the most out of every feature.

Feature Reqeuests

Help us help you – and everyone else – by submitting suggestions for improvements and new features.

Help Library

Find the answer to all your questions in our extensive help system and documentation.

Constant Upgrades

Benefit from the consistent stream up software upgrades, new features and additional documentation.

Just Ask...

Rely on our team of expert support staff to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Expert Resources

In addition to our in-house help, we’re partnering with other experts to help you with every aspect of your business growth.
Learn more about how we support you
  • Custom Design Team: Get help with the design of your Wisdom Robot system from our team of designers who have been trained to customize our system without compromising your conversion rates.
  • Media Conversion Help: Avoid the hassle of figuring out what formats, and what software, you need to convert your DVDs and other media to online, streaming formats. We have tutorials, and people, who can help.
  • Personal Subdomain: Be recognized as a Wisdom Filter with a custom subdomain (you.wisdomfilters.com).
  • Domain Hosting: Point your domain to us and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Email Accounts: Filter and sort your Wisdom Robot email with a custom @wisdomfilters.com email address.
“I have worked with the Wisdom Robot team for many years. I know of no one better at anticipating client needs, solving complex programming issues, and being very easy to work with. They truly are masters of their craft. They once fixed a coding problem I had while we talked on the phone. It took him 15 minutes. It was marvelous!”
C. Painter

Performer, Author and Business Consultant

No matter what, you and your customers need to…

Feel Safe & Secure

Security is an absolute necessity, especially when money is changing hands. Unlike personal websites and other systems such as WordPress, the Wisdom Robot has had security as a primary focus since day one. We also choose only to partner with other companies that adhere to the same strict security standards.

100% Uptime Guarantee

Never suffer from a network outage. Our web hosting partner has a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee.

Daily Backups

Rest peacefully knowing your data is backed up every night.

Server Hardening

Enjoy enhanced security with built-in Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Vulnerability Scanning and Brute Force Detection and Prevention.

24/7 Monitoring

Be amazed when potential problems are solved, sometimes even before you know there’s anything wrong.

Credit Card Safety

No credit card information is stored on our servers.

Secure Streaming

Secure your video content with our advanced HLS streaming services from Amazon.

Does the system work?

An Enterprise System, Now Available to Everyone

Our team of developers has spent the last 18 years developing custom, high-performance systems for elite companies. There’s very little they haven’t had to deal with. Now you can utilize the same systems as the “big boys,” without the cost.


Rely on the cumulative experience of our development team and the world’s leading conversion rate experts.


Benefit from our constant research, and implementation, of the newest technologies, interface design and sales conversion.

World-Class Partners

Amazon Web Services
Provide the best video streaming experience by relying on our partnership with Amazon.

We’ve also partnered with one of the largest web hosting companies in the world.
Take a look at a few of the other companies who use them:

Featured Customers

Choose how you want to collect your money. Here are a few of the options we support… with more being added all the time:

Payment Gateweays

When you harness the power of Wisdom Robot to “Outsource Your IT Department” you gain the freedom to focus on what’s most important to your business which is…

Growing Your Reach and Scaling Your Audience

Increase your traffic and visibility

Presumably you’re already driving traffic to your site from your email list, social networks and advertising campaigns.

However, does your website…

  • Allow you to grow quickly by adding new products and services?
  • Maximize the return on your marketing efforts?
  • Bring in more traffic, all on its own?
  • Integrate with the rest of your systems?

With Wisdom Robot, your growth is only limited by your imagination… from one to 10,000 products.

Here’s some really good news…

Build Your Email List

Would you rather make a sale, or add someone to your mailing list? Preferably both, right?Wisdom Robot was created to SELL. However, we also know not everyone is going to buy. So we’ve provided you with plenty of opportunities to capture emails… just never at the expense of a sale.

Landing Pages

Grow your list at lightning speed with Landing Page Offers. We’ve made it really easy to be successful by providing you with only the highest-converting templates.

Email Signup Forms

Easily add your signup forms to your home page, sidebars, content pages and order confirmation page.

Add Customers

Automatically add every customer to your list… or export them at your convenience with the click of a button.

Integrates With Your Existing Email List Service

We support all of the major email list management servers… and are adding more all the time.Email Logos


Some experts say SEO is dead. Most of the old “tricks” may no longer work, but you’re losing business if you don’t understand what the search engines want today.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Yes, we know… everything has changed with search engine rankings… and so have we! Wisdom Robot has all of the SEO tools and settings you’re used. We also have a constant pulse on what Google and the other search engines want these days.Did you know you’re getting docked if your site isn’t responsive (mobile-friendly)? You’re also going to be penalized if your entire site is not behind an SSL certificate.

Luckily for you, we do know these things and have made sure your site will adhere to all of the “new rules” of search engine optimization.

Fully Responsive

Make sure your site looks as good on a cell phone as it does on a big screen.

Optimized Layout

Rely on our extensive knowledge of how to structure the underlying HTML and website content so the search engines love you.

Friendly URLs

Get additional credit from the search engines by having URLs that describe the content of the page.
Learn more about our SEO features
  • Page Titles and Meta Tags: Fill in custom page titles and meta tags for every page, or rely on our auto-generated versions.
  • Automated Random Content: Change your page content, with no extra work on your part, by adding randomized content blocks to your pages. The search engines (and your customers) will see a different page every time they visit.
  • Micro-blog: Keep the search engines coming back by adding new content to your site as often as you like.
  • Google Integration: Give Google all the data they need to keep you at the top of their lists.
  • SSL Secured: Ensure you’re compatible with current Google requirements by securing your entire site behind and SSL certificate.
  • Validated Formatting: Avoid validation errors. Every page in the system has been verified to be fully HTML5 compatible.

One more crucially important point:

Get the Most Out of Social Media

Social Media Marketing has mostly taken the place of traditional SEO. We make sure you can get the most out your social media connections.

Like & Share

Add Like and Share buttons to any page. The most common options are built-in… and you can paste in more.

Profile Links

Make sure your customers know where to find you on social media.

Facebook Login

Let customers login to your catalog using their Facebook account.
Social Media Sharing

Have you ever noticed how some people go from obscurity to stardom in no time at all?

Grow Exponentially with an Affiliate Program

Do you want to ramp up your traffic quickly and easily? Start an affiliate program. It’s all integrated with the Wisdom Robot system, so there’s no need to hassle with yet another 3rd party service.Make sure you can attract the attention of highest-producing Super Affiliates by offering them access to all the tools they require.

Free Training

Let us educate your affiliates on how to use the Wisdom Robot system via our training materials.

Affiliate Metrics

Let your affiliates track their own progress with custom charts, graphs and data on their inbound links and conversions.

One-Step Payments

Pay all of your affiliates in seconds, with just a couple of clicks.
Learn more about our Affiliate features
  • Resources and Downloads: Upload images, banners and marketing copy which is immediately available to all of your affiliates.
  • Streamlined Signup Process: Simplify everyone’s life by letting your affiliates sign themselves up. All you need to do is approve them.
  • Affiliate Metrics: Keep track of how your affiliates are doing over time with a collection of graphs, charts and metrics such as sales volume, conversion rate and earnings-per-click (EPC).
  • Customized Settings: Decide exactly how you want your affiliate program to work by defining things like who gets the “sale” (first or last cookie), payout window, default percent and what payment methods you offer.
Affiliate Earnings

Let’s say you want to grow quickly without creating more content…

Build a “Business-in-a-Box” with Shareholders

Would you like to know the secret to growing your catalog at breakneck speeds?

It’s easy…

Start selling other peoples’ products!

If you have friends and colleagues with quality material to sell, chances are they’re making the same mistakes as everyone else and relying on a bunch of strung-together, sub-optimal tools to sell their product (if they’re selling at all).

Ease their pain… help them sell more… and take a cut for yourself, by folding them into your Wisdom Robot catalog!

Share Profits

Share the profit by assigning each vendor a percent share of every product they represent.

Easy Payments

The system keeps track of their sales since their last payment and, with the click of a button, sends them the money they’re owed.


The system keeps track of their sales since their last payment and, with the click of a button, sends them the money they’re owed.
Pay Shareholders

Ignore this advice at your peril…

Tracking & Analytics

Analytics Integration

Make sure every click is tracked. Plus get the benefit of the new Google Universal Analytics collection system.

Ecommerce Analytics

Analyze everything including: product impressions, product clicks, checkout process and completed transactions.

Reports & Graphs

Track everything from Sales By Product to Revenue by Customer, over any date range you choose.
Revenue Graph

And when you use Wisdom Robot to grow your reach and scale your audience, you make more money! Particularly when you…

Maximize Conversion Rates, Order Size and Repeat Business

How much money are you leaving on the table?

Let’s be honest… most online sales and content delivery platforms were designed by programmers, not salespeople and marketers. While we have a world-class team of developers ensuring the quality of our software, every layout decision has been made to maximize sales and make managing the site as easy as possible.

We’ve hired some of the top conversion rate experts in the world to help us design every aspect of the site. We also use the Wisdom Robot system for our own sales, so we’re constantly testing and improving every aspect of the site to ensure the highest conversion rates possible.

What’s All This Talk About Conversion Rate?

A lot of people have “cracked the code” to driving traffic, getting people on their list and then selling their products to them. They boast about annual numbers in the 6- and 7-figures range and can easily make 5 figures off of one email.

Maybe you’re one of them. If not, you’d certainly like to be.

So let’s do the math…

(Don’t run away! This is really easy)

  1. You launch a product and make $10,000 over the course of a few days.
  2. Now increase your conversion rate by 10% by upgrading to a better system.
  3. That’s an extra $1,000!

The best part?

Because you’re using Wisdom Robot, a system built for maximum conversion rate, you don’t have to do anything to make additional money.

Of course, if you start using some of our advanced features (listed below), you can easily turn that 10% into 20%, 50%, 100%…



Conversion Rate Increase

Additional Revenue

Let’s start with…

Increasing Order Size

You’re happy every time you make a sale, right? However, do you have any idea how much more money you could be making on each sale? Wisdom Robot provides a large array of tools to make sure each and every shopping cart is full.

Optimized Layout

Rely on our extensive testing to ensure the layout of every element on your product page leads to a sale.

Best Sellers

Utilize “social proof” to get people buying more of what others have bought. It’s automatic once you turn on the feature!

Also Bought...

Increase cross-sells naturally by displaying what other customers have purchased.

Cross Sells

Control which “related” products your customers are shown on each page.

Featured Products

Promote the products of your choosing. You can even set an “expiration date” for each feature.


Entice them with discounted prices and free shipping on select items.
Learn more about increasing order size
  • Post-Checkout Promotions: Increase order size even more by offering promotional products after checkout.
  • Promotional Videos: Add promotional videos to any product simply by typing in the URL. We make sure it looks great and scales with the viewer’s device.
  • Photo or Text Based Listings: Display your products to highlight the most important features.
  • Testimonials: Convince new customers easier by posting great testimonials from your existing customers.
  • Built-in Search Engine: Offer easy access to relevant products with our optimized search engine that finds and ranks products, creators, categories and tags.
  • Search Auto-Complete: Save your customers time by offering search suggestions as they type. If they click an option, they’re taken directly to the product page.
  • Result Sorting: Allow your customers to decide what’s most important: price, popularity or customer feedback.
  • Hierarchical Categories: Organize your content however you want with multiple categories and subcategories.
  • Tagging: Provide a more “natural” way to sort, sift and make sense of your products by adding your own custom natural-language tags.
  • Product Reviews: Build consumer confidence by allowing users to write reviews of your products. Auto-approve them to save time, or moderate each one to ensure only the most accurate ones are posted.

Now let’s talk about…

Increasing Reorders

We all know it’s much more time-consuming and expensive to get new customers than to re-sell to existing customers. Wisdom Robot gives you all the tools you need to keep them coming back and spending money on a regular basis.


Content Repurposing

RE-Sell the same material to the same customers by offering it in multiple formats.

New Products

Keep customers coming back by automatically listing your newest products as they’re put into the system.

Product Notifications

Alert your customers whenever a product is updated for any reason.

Best of all, you get to reap the benefits of:

One-Click Upsells

One-Click Upsells are likely the most powerful way to increase your sales! Take the opportunity to present additional offers, after checkout, and have them commit to buying without having to re-enter their payment information!


Custom Offers

Customize each offer with your own sales copy, button wording and price.

Multiple Upsells

Offer as many upsells during checkout as you want.

Trigger Products

Target your upsells to people who checked out with specific products.
One-Click Upsell
Learn more about One-Click Upsells
  • Optimized Buttons: Make it easy, and obvious, for them to accept your offer while still providing a (less-obvious) “decline” link.
  • Payment Confirmation: Capture payment at each step of the checkout process.
  • Single Order: Reduce buyer’s remorse by showing all products adding during the upsell process in a single order.

This is not based on opinion but on actual tests:

Streamlined One-Page Checkout

Do you have any idea how many sales you’re losing thanks to your complicated checkout process? We’ve put dozens of hours, backed by hundreds of split tests, to ensure the highest checkout rate possible.

Checkout Page
  • Single-Page with No Distractions: Keep it simple by asking for everything on one page. We also strip out all additional links that might distract from the final sale. Only one click required: the one where the money goes into your bank account.
  • No Account Required: Avoid the biggest cart abandonment issue: requiring an account for checkout. Even when they need an account to access digital content, we won’t ask for it until the order is confirmed.
  • Streamlined Digital Product Checkout: Make it even easier for your customer buying digital products by only asking for payment information; they’ll never even see unnecessary fields like shipping.
  • Customer Support Listing: Build customer confidence by displaying your customer support number, guarantees, privacy policies and security status… when it’s most critical.
  • Minimal Personal Information Required: Don’t scare away your customers by asking for any information that’s not necessary to the checkout process. We even provide logical reasons for information like their email address and phone number.
  • Optional Field Hiding: Simplify the checkout page by hiding optional information, such as a separate shipping address or gift options, unless they’re needed.
Here’s the bottom line…

Case Study: Money for Nothing

A company that has been selling online since 1998 recently switched to Wisdom Robot. They have a catalog of over 100 products (physical and digital), and a mailing list of 15,000 people. They’re one of the most respected companies in their industry and have done quite well, both online and off, for almost two decades.

However, online sales had been dropping for the past year or more, mostly because they were using an old osCommerce system. The design was out of date (and not mobile friendly). The checkout process was complicated. And while they were able to add some digital products, the download process was so confusing they needed to have someone on call 24/7 to answer customer support questions.

After using the same system for so long, they were a bit scared of switching. So they chose not to make any big announcements about the new system until they were sure everything was going to be fine.

They more than doubled their sales in the first month… and they’ve been growing steadily ever since!

Keep in mind, they did no promotion, no marketing push, no emails.

They simply switched to Wisdom Robot.

If you want to harness the income maximizing power of the Wisdom Robot system then…

Right now, you’ve got a choice to make. There are really only two options…

Option #1 is you can do nothing and stay stuck, frustrated with confusing, cobbled together, amateur systems and less than optimal conversion rates… Never really reaching your businesses full potential. Or worse, never really experiencing the FULL impact you were put on earth by God to achieve!

Or you take Option #2the smart choice — and click on the orange button below right now to get started immediately with Wisdom Robot – The Highest Converting, All-in-One Profit Maximization Platform for Entrepreneurs.

By now… The choice should be obvious… As you know, everything happens for a reason. It wasn’t by accident you found this page and it’s definitely not an accident that you read to this point.

So make your selection below right now… You’ll be glad you did!



Silver Gold Most Popular Platinum Best Value
Build successful revenue streams easily and affordably with... The Silver level is perfect for people who have a few physical or digital products and just need to start selling online. The Gold level adds in lots of features to help increase conversion rates, order size and repeat business. The Platinum level is for those people who want to generate significant revenue, both online and at live, real-world events.
Digital Products Included Included Included
Online Courses Included Included Included
Sell Physical Products Included Included Included
Membership Programs Not Included Included Included
Affiliate Programs Not Included Included Included
One-Click Upsells Not Included Included Included
High-Ticket Coaching Not Included Not Included Included
Master Keys Not Included Not Included Included
Shareholders Not Included Not Included Included
Event Registration Not Included Not Included Included
Administrative accounts 1 3 10

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Get Started


Get Started

Need more? Contact Us to discuss our Enterprise Level offerings.

Just make your selection by clicking one of the orange buttons above to take your income and business to the next level, fast and easy, with the power of Wisdom Robot.

And You Can Sign Up Now With TOTAL Confidence…

Because… You are protected by our 90-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

If for any reason, you are not thrilled with the results Wisdom Robot delivers, simply let us know within the first 90 days, and we’ll refund every dime. After that you can still cancel at any time…

(But… If you are like the countless other entrepreneurs who are experiencing freedom from technical worry, and massive increases in revenue, we’re confident you won’t give up Wisdom Robot even if we paid you!)

So go ahead and give it a try, you risk nothing and all you have to lose is the frustration, headaches, and low-conversion rates of your current “system”.

We wouldn’t make this promise if we were not absolutely sure Wisdom Robot will work for you, as it has for countless other smart entrepreneurs around the world.

Simply click on your selection above to join our growing family of success stories today.

Still Trying to Decide Now?

You may have an unanswered question…

Here are a few of the most common ones we get about Wisdom Robot:

1. Does Wisdom Robot replace my entire website?

It’s really up to you and your business goals. Here are the three most common examples of how customers integrate with our system:

  • The simplest integration is to simply add “Shop” or “Online Learning” links from your existing website to the subdomain we provide, for free, to every customer (yourcompany.wisdomfilters.com).
  • If you want to take it a step further, we can help you setup a subdomain on your own site (shop.yourwebsite.com).
  • Or if the bulk of your website is dedicated to selling online, we can host your entire website for you, using a domain name of your choosing (your existing one or a new one).
2. Can I customize the design and layout?

We offer the best of both worlds: customize the look and feel while maintaining high conversion rates. You can theme the entire site with only seven simple settings. Best of all: none of the changes you’ll make will decrease your conversion rate or reduce the security measures we’ve put in place (unlike many “themes” you’ll find in other systems).

For those who want or require more robust customization, we have a team of web designers who have been full trained on how to customize the Wisdom Robot system to your heart’s content. Contact us for options and pricing.

3. How fast can I get started, and how easy is the setup?

You will begin by just filling out seven simple settings about your business (email, location, etc.).

You will have immediate access to our growing library of tutorial videos and help files.

You will receive an email, every day for a week, with one of our Seven Simple Steps to getting you selling in no time.

  1. The steps will be logical and you will understand them completely.
  2. You will agree with the principles and you will know they will absolutely improve your online profits.
  3. The question is: do you have the pigheaded discipline to do what it takes to get setup and selling in a week?
4. How is Wisdom Robot different than other shopping carts or ecommerce systems?

Well… Comparing Wisdom Robot to a shopping cart is like comparing a Rolls Royce to a go-kart.

Most people are operating with a go-kart. They’ve cobbled together some parts and pieces and have to be constantly maintaining the system themselves… even though they’re NOT mechanics.

A Rolls is a well-oiled, custom-built machine created by experts.

To be more specific, here are just a few of the major benefits that Wisdom Robot provides over standard shopping carts:

  • You get the ability to sell physical, download and streaming products… all in one platform (most shopping carts were built for physical products only)
  • We take care of all the technology for you. There’s never anything to install or upgrade.
  • We’re guided by some of the best sales conversion experts on the internet.
  • You have access to all of the additional features that would normally require another 3rd-party system (memberships, consulting calendars, affiliate programs, etc.).
5. If my sales volume increases too rapidly as a result of Wisdom Robot, will my merchant account cancel me?

While we of course cannot control the actions and decisions of the risk management department at your particular merchant account…

What we’ve found with other Wisdom Robot users is as long as you communicate with your merchant account provider when you experience a large spike in sales (as is always possible when transitioning to a higher converting platform), they are typically understanding.

Additionally, Wisdom Robot supports multiple payment gateways, making transitioning your increased sales volume to a new provider quick and easy.

For select merchants, we also have the ability through our strategic partner network to assist you with obtaining a higher volume merchant account when your boost in sales requires it.

5a. What payment processors do you support?

The list is growing every week, but we currently support:

  • PayPal
  • PayPal Payments Pro (Direct Payment)
  • Authorize.net
  • Braintree
  • Edge Studios (specifically for Wisdom Robot customers)
  • Check / Money Order
  • Phone In with Credit Card
6. What sort of support and training do you offer?

Every Wisdom Robot customer gains immediate access to our entire library of tutorial videos… and we’re adding more every week.

You will also be signed up for our private Profit Maximization email list. Every couple of weeks you’ll get an email with new ideas, tips and tricks to increase your sales.

In addition, the system has built-in help and tips on almost every page of the administration section, so the answer you seek is typically only a glance away.

Of course, you can always Contact Us with any questions you might have. Our expert support team is ready and waiting…

7. Can you help with marketing?

Our focus is on turning all of your marketing efforts into profit!

To that end, we provide a full suite of features that will make the most of your existing marketing techniques.

You’ll also find great marketing tips and tricks in our Profit Maximization emails.

8. How many individual products or how much traffic can the Wisdom Robot system handle?

Because the Wisdom Robot system is hosted on dedicated and cloud-based servers, it is infinitely scalable. In fact, the necessary resources will scale automatically as needed. We’re running on the same systems as companies like Home Depot, FedEx and Zappos.

In fact, we have one customer that averages between 4,000 and 5,000 products at a time. They sell many used and one-of-a-kind items, so their inventory can fluctuate rapidly over the course of several days. When they switched to Wisdom Robot, here’s what they said:

“We migrated 4,619 products to Wisdom Robot. They took care of the entire transfer… in less than 30 minutes! The system had no problem keeping up with our demands. In fact, it was significantly faster than our old platform!

Those are the 7 most common questions we get about Wisdom Robot. If you have a question that wasn’t answered, simply Contact Us and we’ll be happy to answer any additional questions you have.

By now, hopefully your question was answered, but if you’re still wondering if Wisdom Robot right for you, honestly, the only way to find out is to sign up now and give it a test-drive.

Try it out, experience the business transforming results and then decide to keep it.

Isn’t it just better to find out right now, how your business could be stronger, and life could be better with access to the full power of Wisdom Robot? Rather than wondering “what if…” for the rest of your life?

Your time… Your time with your family… Your time create value and touch the lives of others… It’s all you really have…

By now you realize, your enjoyment of life and future success are based 100% on how effectively you use your time.

And as you’ve learned the simplification, automation and optimization Wisdom robot gives you and your business, will give you back more of your most valuable asset… Your time.

Life is short. And no one knows how many years of meaningful contribution they have left… While we can’t promise Wisdom Robot will put years onto your life… It will put life back into your years!

You already know… There’s not much of lasting value you can buy for a few hundred bucks. You can spend a night or two in a nice hotel… Or buy dinner for a group of friends at a nice restaurant, but how many things can actually transform your business, and change your life for such a low price? We can only think of one… Wisdom Robot.

So you either continue to settle for low conversions, limited impact, falling short of the full potential you were put on this earth to experience and enjoy… Continuing to experience the frustration and overwhelm of dealing with technical nightmares everyday…

Or you take the better option, the only option that really makes any sense at all which is to get Wisdom Robot the only true Profit Maximization Platform available, to help unlock your businesses full potential.

Because Wisdom Robot was designed from the ground up for maximum conversion rates, it’s the simplest all in one solution to upgrading and automating your online sales, marketing and content delivery. Giving you an immediate… almost unfair edge over your competition.

Trust me… You don’t know what it’s like to try something that works the way it’s supposed to. To see the order confirmations flooding into your inbox… With the tools and automation that give you the free time seize every opportunity that crosses your path, and do it effortlessly. That’s your daily experience when you put Wisdom Robot to work for you.

So go ahead and click the “Sign Up Now” button above. Remember you’re fully protected by our 90 day guarantee.

You really have nothing to lose (other than low conversions and technical frustrations), and a profitable, automated and optimized business to gain.

Because you’re here, and have read this entire page… Its obvious you’re a fellow “Wisdom Filter”… Someone with a massive amount of value to deliver to the lives of others.

That means… You owe it to yourself… You owe it to your family… And you owe it to the world… To deliver your message and value to as many people as you possibly can.

Go ahead and sign up now… You’ll be glad you did.